13,237,575 Dose Administration Aid were prepared for patients by community pharmacies in Australia in 2015 alone*.

DAA has been proven to be an effective tool for medical compliance via  convenience. 
However, convenience adds to landfills.


The equivalent of several Olympic swimming pools full of plastic composite material from blister packs -that can't be recycled- is added every year.


It is time to change by supporting compliance via convenience while recycling at the same time.


Introducing Medinoxx, a fully recycable blister system with superior advantages.

The Medinoxx system consists of ready-to-use cups with lids ♴ embedded in either a carton base ♻︎ or a re-usable tray.

All components are fully recyclable.

Beside solid medication liquids can be blistered as well.

The cups pop-out and are ready to use for direct medical administration with no need for transferring thus saving time. 

Celia® can automatically fill all readily available blister systems (Webster-pak, my-Pak Solutions/MedicoPak, Suremed etc.) including Medinoxx in accordance with the guidelines* therefore resulting in less errors, providing transparancy and  accountability, documentation and higher efficiency.


*Evaluation of 6CPA PPI Program: Dose Administration Aids
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