The capacity is determined by the length of the system(s). The utilisation of internal WLAN instead of dragging chains allows systems of theoretically unlimited lenght. Shuttles and buffers connect the systems.


max. height: 3,50m

max. length: 50m+

number of systems: unlimited

capacity: determined by length and number of systems


The performance is dictated by the number of grippers working within the system(s). Multiple grippers can work on the same order due to clever buffer systems. 


number of grippers: unlimited

multipicking: max.8 packages


The axis system speed is 5m/sec and acceleration is 5m/m2.  


length: dictated by system

max. height axis: 3,50m


The shuttle connects grippers and buffers and speeds @ 5m/sec. It collects partial or entire orders and transfers it to the vertical lift buffers at the end of the system. 


number of shuttles: according to performance  



Beside working buffers there are vertical lift buffers at the end of the system. Here the entire order is collected for transfer into the final delivery box.


number of buffers: according to configuration


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