Go.Robot proudly presents Celia® -  truly innovative, traceable & safe automation for your DAA blister card business.

"A DAA service aims to promote the quality use of medicines by improving adherence and medication management, and reducing medication misadventure." [Guidelines for pharmacists providing dose administration aid (DAA) services I ©Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Ltd.]

  • 15 cards/hour (one operator)
  • 24 installed containers
  • smart exchange algorithm
  • unlimited spare containers on a smart rack*
  • dimensions: 80 x 52 x 44 cm; only 51 kg
  • choice of cards (can fill various cards)
  • OCelium R production software for stand-alone operation
  • photo documentation
  • no common chutes/pathways for medication
  • no cross-contamination
  • safety for your employees by using filter device for medical dust

*smart rack is an innovation that fully manages the registration and stock of spare containers and uses pick-by-light

Video - Celia® in action

Software - Ocelium R®

The software Ocelium R® is part of Celia®, comes with a super-smart production algorithm and works both with pharmacy software integration or as stand-alone solution.

User friendly interface

Canister management for optimal production support based on intelligent algorithm

Additional features such as search for batch number, forecast and history

Remote support

Blister selection, manual addition and emergency procedure

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