Go.Robot proudly presents Celia® -  truly innovative & safe automation for your compliance blister card packs.

"The aim of compliance packaging is to assist patient adherence to a prescribed medicine regime and to improve the safe administration of medicines." [Medsafe.govt.nz]

  • handles Medico Pak
  • up to 100 cards/day (one operator)
  • 24 installed containers
  • unlimited spare containers on a smart rack*
  • dimensions: 80 x 52 x 44 cm
  • photo documentation
  • other cards can be filled automatically too
  • OCelium R1 production software 
  • no common chutes/pathways for medication
  • no cross-contamination

*smart rack is an innovation that fully manages the registration and stock of spare containers and uses pick-by-light

Software Ocelium R1 is exceptional no matter if used stand-alone or integrated to dispensing software.