Telehealth = Telemedicine + Telepharmacy

Telepharmacy has got different meanings in various countries. In general it is about providing remote pharmacy consultation. Our Remote-Pharmacy provides that service but additionally it grants instant physical access to prescription medication in rural and under-supplied areas.

All processes are controlled and operated by a pharmacist remotely. A combination of hardware - a stock managing robot - and ingenious software with remote checking and dispensing is provided.


The advent of cloud based technology allows for real time inventory management from remote. Go.Robot has successfully configured and implemented a Remote-Pharmacy solution consisting of video consulting coupled with remote dispensing out of a robotic system.

Every Remote-Pharmacy solution needs to be tailored and consists of modular components: 

  • video consulting booth
  • dispensing robot
  • remote dispensing software 
  • ID access
  • label printing
  • payment options
  • prescription scanner
  • internal fridge

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